"Spektar 21"

Company "SPEKTAR 21" - Kavadarci, Macedonia exists almost 28 years and works successfully in the field of design of technological lines, production of spare parts, engineering, trade, export-import especially in mechanical engineering.In these activities we include production of original products, devices and machines, such as various kinds of hydraulic presses for plastic deformation of steel sheets.Our workshop consists of :

  • Horizontal milling-drilling machine (bohrwerk)

  • Milling machines

  • Lathes of different sizes

  • Hydraulic press 50 (tones) of own construction

  • Other kinds of presses from 25 up to 100 (tones)

  • Welding machines

  • Tools etc.

We are very pleased to invite you to come in our factory to solve your technological problems.

With respect,


Vitomir Gjorgjiev